Carte Blanche Detailing

This is the ultimate in specialist automotive detailing personal services, and has been designed for the discerning owner /collector. This privileged service is invitation only and involves every aspect of our bespoke detailing services, with the addition of a complete wet sanding detail, 13 stage paint correction, full wheel removal, including hub detail, undercarriage / calliper / suspension detailing, removal of all nesassary body parts / badges. The paintwork, road wheels, and carbon fibre componants are treated to 3 individual coats of the famous Zymol Royale, and all leather surfaces are fed at 3 separate intervals.All re- painting required on engine / carriage is performed, and all brightwork treated with individual metal polishes.This bespoke service also has the option of a covered collection and delivery service, and a complete wheel refurbishment option.In depth information is available for this service, and this Couture detail is scheduled for 4 weeks working time. This service is based upon its name , Carte Blanche, meaning we will tailor all and any service that is required for your vehicle / collection. This service is supported with our certificate of workmanship, a detailing diary, and an image gallery is supplied along with acceptance as a VVIP Member of our Client Prive. Full disclosure for this service is only available after a full consultancy has taken place to a certain requirements, locations, collections etc