Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bar treatment will remove invisible contaminants, the little things that build up from all manner of sources that could otherwise be left undetected. Things such as industrial fallout, railway fallout, salt contamination, pollen, sap, bird droppings, carbon monoxide and tar. A clay bar treatment leaves paintwork surface feeling as smooth as glass, in preparation for wax application or paint correction.

Our clay bar treatment in stages:

The points below are an overview and are part of a 20 stage process.

  • Vehicle would require an exterior washing process, including road wheels
  • Vehicle dried down using the Venti Bi motor warm air dryer
  • Clay is used with a lubricant on bodywork , windows, and road wheels (Used to remove surface contaminants)
  • 2 separate grades of Clay bar are used
  • Paintwork report ( a copy is submitted to the client )
  • Wax coat is applied. ( choice of Zymol Royale , Vintage, or Parc Ferme Classique )
  • Windows cleaned inside and out.
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Tailpipes cleaned and dressed
  • Maintenance advice is submitted to the client ( Concierge, or products required, which can be supplied by Parc Ferme )

Working times are approximately 4 hours ( wax dependent )

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Our commissions are all certificated for work carried out and authenticity.