Event Support

The Parc Ferme Event Team has been established for over 12 years.

We are specialist in preparing vehicles for events and the maintenance of these vehicles for the duration of the event.

The range of our experience covers exclusive Marques ,OEM’s in the Automobile, and Motorcycle industry

The Parc Ferme Team are vastly experienced at operating outside of the UK, and support Motor Shows, Press Events, Promotional tours, photographic and film shoots both inside and outside of the UK.

We have successfully prepared vehicles for some of the worlds most exclusive events, and have been awarded some of the highest accolades achievable within our industry, along with multiple concourse awards.

Our services have been utilised by most of the worlds most exclusive brands and in such locations as, Moscow, Ukraine, Monaco, Paris, Frankfurt, Sweden , Nice, Italy, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, California, Portugal, , Le mans etc.

For further detailed information on our services please feel free to contact our client support staff.