Interior Detailing

The interior of your vehicle is possibly the part of your vehicle that is given the least thought throughout its life, which is strange considering it is the only part you can visibly see as you drive your vehicle.

Interior surfaces such as leather, alcantara, vinyl, fabrics, veneers, carbon fibre etc all require cleaning and maintaining to keep them in their optimum condition , this will give them a longer life span in a superior condition.This service is carried out using the best possible products available to the highest standard achievable.

Our interior detailing in stages:

The points below are an overview and are part of a 25 stage process.

  • Initial vacuum, and removal of belongings etc
  • All surfaces assessed, and reported
  • All fabric interior surfaces are cleaned
  • All carpets are cleaned by hand including boot areas.
  • All Leather surfaces are cleaned and fed.
  • All Vinyl surfaces are cleaned and fed
  • All Veneer, Chrome, and Carbon Fibre surfaces are treated
  • Glass is cleaned inside and out
  • Final vacuum including boot area.

Working times are approximately 4 hours

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