Matte Finished Paint

We offer a service for cars that have been produced with Matte finishing to the bodywork. This service offers the washing, cleaning and final protection to this surface.Matte detailing can be applied to interior components of the vehicle .

This service in broken down into a 16 stage process, and we only use products that have been specifically designed to work on this type of finished surface. The products used are recommended by a respected OEMs.

  • The vehicle is blown down using a Venti machine
  • A full exterior wash is performed including wheels and arches
  • Fully dried down with a Venti Bi Motor
  • All marks and blemishes are attended to
  • Paint surface is cleaned
  • Paint surface given protective coating
  • Glass cleaned
  • Tyres and tailpipes dressed

All of our commissions are verified with a certificate of workmanship and an image gallery.Should you require any further information , please feel free to contact us.