Paint Correction

An otherwise beautiful car can be let down by defects that can build up over time, such as holograms, webbing, pigtails and light scratches. These can be incurred by incorrect washing, automated washing, misuse of the vehicle, or just through lack of care, the elements and the aging process.

You would be astounded at the difference paint correction can make, it can be the difference from a car looking tired and past its best to as stunning as the day it rolled out of the factory. Parc Ferme prides itself in its expertise in this field, to find out what we can do for you and your paintwork please contact us.

Our paint correction in stages:

The points below are an overview and are part of a 50 stage process.

  • The vehicle is de-greased including wheel arches
  • Road wheels are cleaned
  • Bodywork is washed down using a 5 stage process
  • Vehicle is fully dried down using a Venti Bi Motor
  • All non- worked surfaces masked up
  • Clay bar treatment on bodywork, shuts, and any brightwork, and carbon fibre surfaces to remove surface contamination.
  • Bodywork assessed for any deep scratches
  • 13 stage Paint Correction process
  • Bodywork wiped down with IPA
  • Paintwork, shuts, wheels , carbon fibre etc cleansed
  • Paintwork, shuts, wheels etc treated to 3 coats of clients choice of wax
  • Profile waxing
  • All Plastics surfaces dressed, Brightwork polished, Wooden, Carbon Fibre surfaces treated
  • Final liquid finishing spray , and exterior detail using Studio 17 detail brushes
  • Vehicle is finished with a complimentary vacuum, glass cleaned inside and outside, surfaces wiped down, dusted down

Working times are approximately 6-7 days ( wax choice dependent )

For further information on this service, why not call us on 0845 474 0162 (calls charged at local rate), or complete our enquiry form.

Our commissions are all certificated for work carried out and authenticity, and an image galley is supplied.