Scratch Removal

Regrettably, there are times in a vehicles lifetime where unavoidable damage will occur to the paint surface. Damage such as vandalism scratches, hedgerow scratches, scuffs and scrapes. Removing these defects takes great skill, and scratch removal is an art form. Parc Ferme are renowned for being experts in this field.

Our scratch removal in stages:

The bullet points below are an overview and are part of a 15 stage process.

  • Wash and dry vehicle first, depending on size of scratched area
  • Scratches are located, measured, marked out and removed 1 panel at a time in a localised area.
  • Scratches are wet sanded out using 2000 and 3000 grade material
  • A Rotary machine polisher is used over the area in the 3 separate stages, using 3 grades of compound.
  • Additional machine polishing is carried out to even the paint surface out.
  • Wax is applied to the relevant areas.

Working times are approximately 1 hour per panel depending on severity of scratching.

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Our commissions are all certificated for work carried out and authenticity.